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Monday 18 April 2011

Check out JUMPSHIFT !

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One of my friends and mentors, Alan Anderson, has just co-authored a book with Michael Sherlock who was one of the founders of Brumby's in Australia. The book is called "JUMPSHIFT" and it is packed with ideas, tools and resources to help any business owner or manager create alignment and direction for their business and team.

I particularly love their ideas about staff members who have what they call "the owners eye". By this they mean people that approach every aspect of their role with the company in the same manner as if they owned the business themselves. Alan and Michael contend that these are the people you really need to reward very well and promote and retain.

I wholeheartedly agree and reading the book prompted me to think about who on my team has "the owners eye". Then I asked myself "Am I looking after them well enough?". To be blunt, those that don't have the owners eye, can go down the road to our competitors if they like and become their problem. They are usually the same team members that you constantly have to ride to comply our customer service standards and company procedures anyway thus taking up precious manangement time and energy. The team members that have it, I am making sure that they know they are sincerely appreciated and valued. Those people are like part of the family almost. JUMPSHIFT has reminded me that having and developing the right team and a high performance culture is EVERYTHING.

This is one example of the type of thinking and great experience that Alan and Michael share. All of their ideas can be easily and quickly applied by anyone.

JUMPSHIFT is a fun, light and informative read.  You can order JUMPSHIFT direct from their website HERE . Alan and Michael are also supporters of Care Australia so $2 from the sale of each book goes to this wonderful charity and serves as a testament to the good blokes that they both are.

If you would like to be personally connected to the authors then leave a comment on this blog and I am sure they will respond.

All for now,
Brad Skelton
The Shipping Bloke

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