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Saturday 12 June 2010

If you have never Googled yourself...do it now!

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This is a classic "Don't let this happen to you" story that I wanted to share with you.

I recently Googled myself and my company to check how we were being ranked.

I was surprised to find that another company popped on the first page of my search because they were using my name, Brad Skelton, and my company's buyline, the Choice of Heavy Industry, in their own website's page address without my permission. I have no association whatsoever with this company.

They obviously thought they could leverage my name and company's reputation to throw peoples hunt for us off track with internet search engines. They were effectively mis-representing themselves in an effort steal our web traffic and some business that was destined for us in the first place.

I am flattered that another company thinks so highly of mine that they would blatently leverage our name and good reputation for their own gain. Such must be their own realisation of their increasing irrelevance to the market and their inability to innovate themselves.

Well, Skelton Sherborne and I are the REAL DEAL and won't do unethical things to grow our business. I promise you now if I ever feel I need too, then I'll know it's time for me to find another gig.

All for now,

Brad Skelton

The Shipping Bloke

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