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Thursday, 24 September 2009

Greener shipping.

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NYK is one carrier that is really looking well ahead into the future with it's concept of the NYK Super Eco Ship. This project they hope will be delivered by 2030 and will radically improve carbon emissions by about 69% compared to a cargo ships as we currently know them. The vessel is planned to be able to carry about 8000 TEU's (twenty foot equivalent units).

This bold project and leap into the future will potentially see ships powered by a combination of LNG-based fuel cells, solar cells, and wind power. The main power unit is planned to be a 40,000kw LNG fuel cell.
The hull design also comes in for a major overhaul with reducing friction through the water being the goal followed by weight reduction. The design of hull means it is longer and wider but it has a shallower draft than most vessels currently operating now. This draft will also assist the Eco Ships with getting into ports with draft restrictions.

I'm not sure what happens to those sails when the containers are being loaded and discharged. I know some wharfies would see them as a prime target for the gantry crane.

Full marks to NYK for their investment, innovation and effort to drive change in the industry.

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Brad Skelton
The Shipping Bloke

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  1. Brad: My company, STI, has developed emissions control for commercial ships, and we are having some success in our marketing. The NYK vessel is intriguing, and it still remains to be seen if it becomes a viable alternative.'Last time I met with NYK, this project was still in the concept stage and the construction costs were projected to be stratospheric. In any event, interesting blog... Feel free to check out our blog at www.cleanairatsea.com.