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Monday 22 June 2009

Personal invitation to subscribe to "The Shipping Blokes Blog"

You have received this invitation because you are a personal friend, colleague, client or supplier to my business, Skelton Sherborne - “The Choice of Heavy Industry.”

A major overhaul of Skelton Sherborne’s and my personal website has just been completed. There are numerous new resources that are relevant to heavy equipment shipping decision makers and it’s been re-engineered so it is quicker and more intuitive to navigate than ever before. We also have some new initiatives about the way we communicate with everybody and how we can improve your overall shipping experience.

One of these initiatives is the launch of this Blog. This blog isn’t about Skelton Sherborne or me. It’s about you and making sure you are kept up to date with interesting, informative and thought provoking ideas that are relevant to anybody moving heavy equipment around the world. It also seeks to provide a platform for shippers of heavy machinery to connect and provide comments that our peers can see and increase awareness of issues that are affecting us. I promise to take these comments on board and try and champion whatever change I can to make shipping easier, more cost effective and safer, wherever possible.

If all this sounds interesting to you, then I hope you will
subscribe to The Shipping Bloke's Blog by Email.

The first Shipping Bloke’s Blog will be posted later this week and I hope you will find it interesting reading.

Kind regards
Brad Skelton...The Shipping Bloke.

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