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Friday, 22 May 2015

Common sense finally prevails for Australian Coastal Shipping reforms

On the 20th of May Warren Truss, the Minister of Infrastructure and Regional Development, announced that the former Labor government's industry stifling regulations on coastal shipping will be reformed.

I congratulate the government on their reforms which are sensible and practical in their operation. They will certainly lead to the restoration of the health of the coastal shipping industry in Australia and lower freight rates for my coastal shipping clients.

Now vessel owners whose ships operate in Australian waters for less than 183 days a year no longer have pay their foreign crews based on Australian awards.

The voyage permit regime has been changed to allow vessels to do an unlimited number of voyages over a 12 month period rather than apply for permits on a per voyage basis. Sensible!

These and many more practical changes I am certain will lead to carriers who exited the coastal trade under the previous governments regime return and therefore increase competition and sailing options for shippers.

Full details of the reforms can be viewed here.

All for now,

+Brad Skelton 

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